Local Moving – We don’t just move furniture, we move lives

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our clients, always providing high quality service and personalized attention to all our customers.

Every move is important. No matter how far you go.

Moving can be stressful, overwhelming and may seem like a huge project. Well, it doesn’t have to be! This is why we’re here to help – We offer a full range of local moving services. including full-packing and setup services. No matter what your needs are, Great Movers can provide a level of customer service and cxpcrtise unmatched by other local movers.

We want you to move happy.

We understanding that moving can seem very overwhelming, and expensive. However, with Great Movers, local moving is usually quoted according to the number of hours needed to complete the move, but sometimes a fíat rate price can be provided during the quote.

The overall cost of moving your household will depend on the volume and dimensions of the items that are being relocated, as well as the number of movers that will be necessary. We are one of the most affordable between the moving companies in Calgary. It’s important for us to make sure every client is fully aware of the moving details, prices and expectations before we begin. And something to remember- every move is different, but whether you’re moving a studio or a house, the only surprise will be how pleasant local moving in Calgary can actually be with Best Movers. And we promise, it’s a lot easier than vou think.

Local Moving Experts – We know how to move Calgarians.

Sure, Great Movers is an experienced moving company that has helped moved people into new homes and apartments. But most importantly, we know what Calgary customers want – honesty, speed and caring Great local movers. Great Movers is the best way to get there.


Let us move you to your new life.

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